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Drones fly high to examine gutters, roofs and poles.
Aerial video & photography for property developers.
Property & Real Estate
drone shot of Albany wind turbines WAdrone with two cameras and four props


Cyber Drone provides UAV inspection using thermal,
multi-spectral and topographical drone photography.
UAV Asset Inspection
drone shot of Perth Skyshow fireworksdrone with two cameras and four props


Cyber Drone creates unique aerial drone images
for your advertising and promotions.
Event Photography
UAV drone shot of mine site WAdrone with two cameras and four props


Cyber Drone ensures safe, efficient and inexpensive
UAV video for industrial and mine site inspection
Mining & Industry

Perth Drone Operator. Asset Inspection for Events, Real Estate, Mining & Industry

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Drone Operator

Cyber Drone uses a qualified drone operator based in Perth. From urban and agricultural areas to industrial locations, we provide drone photography that gets the job done while providing evidence of OHS issues in difficult to access places. Call 6180 6609 today or email today.

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UAV Photography

Cyber Drone provides a wide range of drones, sensors, data analysis, payloads and pilots. Let Cyber Drone be your single source for UAV photography services. Our drone operator provides high resolution 4K video or still images of your property from above.

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Aerial 3D Mapping

Cyber Drone delivers high-quality topographical imaging and data at competitive rates. We guarantee total customer satisfaction by our top-flight professionalism and equipment. Our drone operators are happy to work alongside your professional team who may require specific treatment or UAV work.

Perth Drone Operator

Our Perth-based drone operators can film short or long video sequences. You can use these in your own videos or ads. But mostly Asset inspection and real estate services.

We shot this video at the old Fremantle Power Station (read more about the old South Freo power station here) to give you an example of our drone photography.

Drones can also film hard to reach places like gutters and eaves for property inspections, security or insurance purposes.

Abandoned South Fremantle Power Station


drone photography for promoting events


drone mapping and imaging for use in topographic software


drone photography construction


drone asset inspection


cyberdrone drone aerial photography perth mine site


drone aerial photo for agriculture


cyberdrone drone aerial photography perth real estate


cyberdrone drone aerial photography perth security

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