About Cyber Drone

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), commonly known as Drones, provide a unique perspective to capture photos and videos in all walks of life today.

Cyber Drone is on the cutting edge in the UAVs Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) commercial services sector, using the latest technology and software for aerial inspection and photography.

Cyber Drone uses the most sophisticated data analysis and management reporting software to provide our clients with the detailed information needed to make operational and strategic decisions. Images are presented in high-resolution, 4K and HD quality video.

The Benefits of Using Cyber Drone

The benefits for using this type of aerial filming and photography are nothing short of extraordinary.

Drones can do the inspection work of multiple workers and more expensive equipment, including comprehensive surveys and 3D mapping.  Drones gather details through 360-degree visual data, providing 3D maps, topographical analysis and more.  They also effectively help to expose infrastructure details to aid in better disaster planning and mitigation.

  • Cheaper – it is five times cheaper than using a full-scale helicopter. More convenient – during remote location projects, the logistical headache of hiring, manning and using a helicopter is eliminated.
  • More Convenient.
  • Portable – Drones can operate in tight locations. There is no requirement for jib, crane or camera cables.  We can bring our equipment with us on a flight as checked-in luggage.  The equipment weighs around 20kg and a two-man team can handle projects almost anywhere in the world.
  • Fast to set up – typically it takes ten minutes to set up the system ready to take photographs.
  • Safe – With the use of GPS technology (which contains built in safety features), if signal is lost, the Drone will automatically return home.  Strict industry guidelines are followed regarding the use of drones. We are CASA certified, insured drone pilots.
  • Less intrusive – Drones are quiet, with an almost undetectable down wash.
  • Green – the average manned helicopter consumes around 130 litres of fuel per hour, whilst drones have zero carbon exhaust emissions.
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