Promotions & Events

drone flies over fair ground event
drones used for city events
drone inspection of skate park

It is so much easier and more affordable to capture remarkable photos and video footage with a drone than with any other aerial method. Cyber Drone can provide images and video promotions that have previously been out of reach.

Because drones can travel practically anywhere, they are a novel advertising platform. Beyond the scope of print or digital media advertising, drones can bring the advertising message directly to their audience.  Advertisements like this can engage the public at stadiums, restaurants and in public spaces.

Drones can capture full or partial views of a property from aerial angles, telling the full story by capturing the surrounding amenities, architecture and scenery.

Aerial images can be used for an array of collateral such as websites, brochures and presentations.

Destination videos are a great way to attract guests to a property where traditional filming methods can run into huge expense.

Event Surveillance

Securing events often involves a small task force trying to cover a large area and requiring many people.

Mapping a venue pre-event to create an action plan for security deployment. Using drones to map out a venue to give a team the information required to: place forces, identify weak points where sustained surveillance could be beneficial and help familiarise the team with evacuation routes in case of emergency.

Mixing tethered drones and deployable drones will help security personnel respond to all situations quickly and efficiently. By placing tethered drones consistent information from key areas is provided, security is able to keep a birds-eye view of the area, with a 360° view.  Deployable drones can then be used to investigate potential disturbances, reducing the response time and keeping personnel safe.

Drone use deters intruders, just as having alarms or cameras can make an event less of a target.

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