Aerial Imaging & Mapping

drone films crashing of waves on rocks
UAV drone 3D Map
drone films mine site entrance

We are CASA certified, insured drone pilots and our drones are able to fly to places larger aircraft can’t.  This includes mines and quarries, as well as sites that are unsafe to send people.  Drones have the ability to survey remote locations. With aerial imaging, a more comprehensive view and greater insight of a site can be gained than ever before.

3D/Volumetric Models

Combining a series of aerial images with modelling software, Cyber Drone can make 3D models for various industries such as construction, mining, or environmental.  3D models can be used to evaluate topography or to monitor the progress of projects and soil erosion, quickly and more affordably.

Cyber Drone will create maps that are geo-referenced orthomosaics and can provide real-time project updates.  We will take measurements from aerial photographs and convert images of landmasses into maps, 3D models, or drawings.

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