drones used to inspect farm land and irrigation
drones used to track and find livestock and cattle
drones used to inspect farm backroads and access

In agriculture, growers strive to cut costs while maximising their land’s economic production. Working around elements like weather patterns and land movement can be a major challenge, especially over hundreds or thousands of acres of land with different ecologies, assets and environmental obstacles.

Cyber Drone aerial photography services provide farming photography and video data, covering large land areas quickly to pinpoint where action is required.  This is all presented in high-resolution images and 4K and HD quality video.

Drone video and photos are extremely effective for scouting land and crop features quickly, leading to smarter resource decisions that cut costs and increase production.

Some of the services Cyber Drone can provide to farmers include:

  • Delivering real-time feedback on soil, plant, moisture and topography to help maximise yield and avoid waste.
  • Assistance in livestock management.
  • Increasing crop yields by monitoring multiple issues affecting plant health and growth.
  • Identifying crop disease, infestation, or poor irrigation not seen in ground-level checks.
  • Leverage topographical, thermal and spectral mapping to monitor and assess crop health faster with more precision over large land areas.
  • Plant more efficiently by gathering visual data that maps the terrain and collects information about the topography and soil.
  • Manage irrigation with a comprehensive and accurate lay of the land. Aerial photography makes it easy to identify slopes and drainage and drones with thermal cameras can detect dry ground and wet ground, allowing adjustment to irrigation as required.
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