dronnes can monitor construction work and progress
perth drone operator used in constructing hotel with swimming pools
drones inspect building site

At Cyber Drone we are CASA certified, insured drone pilots and we will take aerial photographs and videos to effectively monitor and track the progress of projects in high-resolution images and 4K and HD quality video.

Files are easily downloadable and shareable.  The Geo-referenced orthomosaic maps will provide added insight into any job.

It will be easy to demonstrate reference points and to view current features and landmarks using our services.  This will improve communication with project stakeholders and provide visual evidence of the project’s progress.

Across the entire project lifecycle, from planning to completion, Cyber Drone will provide precise aerial imaging inspections of worksites.  This will help keep projects on track and on budget and will expose issues before they create hazards or delay.

Progress Monitoring

We will:

  • Provide ongoing, affordable visual updates for the client, which in turn assists in making smarter business decisions.
  • Spot the obstacles in order to provide precise construction bids.
  • Simplify compliance documentation and reporting.
  • Ensure time management and keep projects on budget.
  • Provide a safe means of site inspection in dangerous places and therefore protect workers and company liability.
  • Assist to avoid time-consuming misplacement of equipment and avoid hazardous ground locations, such as busy roads and powerlines.
  • Use advanced technologies integrated with drone imaging and provide valuable information about soil and ground quality prior to “breaking” ground.  This can assist in detecting heat loss and water leaks in the building envelope after project completion.
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