Drone Asset Inspection

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Cyber Drone can perform advanced UAV asset inspections for a multitude of specialist areas in and around Perth. We provide thermal, multi-spectral and topographical views of your assets. We can provide these as high-resolution 4K drone images or on HD quality video.

We are CASA certified and can equip fully insured drone pilots and our drones with thermal imaging cameras.  Our drone cameras can detect differences in temperature, which may show surface degradation or cracks.

Aerial UAV Asset Inspection

Today’s leading manufacturers use drone photography to streamline and expedite tasks in factories and warehouse facilities. Drones provide quick and comprehensive inventory inspection scanning rows of shelves at any height. We employ UAV asset inspection in;
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Any organisation needing a visual inventory inspection of vast amounts of merchandise use drone inspection because it is more cost effective than any other method.

360° Aerial Photography

Drones allow manufacturers and warehouse managers to get aerial, 360-degree views of their location. Drone photography can also spot

  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Safety hazards
  • Roof and Facility Maintenance requirements

Drones & Strata Property Management

drone asset inspection constructionFrom site selection to enhancing your marketing videos, Cyber Drone real estate photography saves time and money. Commercial real estate and property managers use our drones to inspect buildings and check eaves and structures. We use UAV video to show rental property condition and building and maintenance issues to landlords.

Drone photos of roof inspections for residential, strata or commercial Perth properties eliminate the need for ladders, harnesses and other safety measures.

We can make asset inspections using pre-saved routes. The drone repeats the same aerial route each time, even months later, so you can easily compare images/video. This will easily pinpoint small structural differences and issues with eaves, roof tile debris, lichen and guttering before it becomes a large maintenance job.

UAV Photography


Drones can easily cover large common areas and grounds to keep OHS policies or property rules in force.

Identify commercial neighbours

Aerial footage can indicate the businesses and facilities nearby to a planned development.

Project management reporting

Manage construction development and re-development projects more efficiently with site surveys, regular project inspections and progress reports.  This is includes city and state regulatory compliance requirements and maintenance checks as outlined by the Australian Building Codes Board.

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