Mining & Industry

aerial photography mine site
aerial photography of freeway traffic and congestion
night time UAV photo of mine site in WA

Cyber Drone will ensure the industrial site and asset inspections are safe, efficient and inexpensive and present this in high-resolution images and 4K and HD quality video.

Refineries, manufacturing facilities, ports of entry and other industrial sites are subject to intense government regulation, as are energy assets like transmission lines and turbines. Cyber Drone is transforming site and asset inspections, delivering detailed views within hours of take off.  Drone inspections and related services in surveying, mapping and progression monitoring are far safer for crews than traditional methods.  Using advanced technologies such as industrial photogrammetry along with sensors and analytics has yielded better maintenance data, to prevent downtime and streamline compliance.

Offshore Oil & Gas Refineries

Drone aerial imaging assists with crucial tasks that keep refineries and offshore rigs running smoothly, profitably and within compliance.

Cyber Drone is used to collect imaging data of pipelines, platforms and more without putting workers in harm’s way.

Inspections at refineries and offshore sites normally take weeks to conduct, costing up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in working hours and system downtime. Drone inspections can be conducted in a matter of hours.

With drone photography and videography, refineries and rigs can utilise 3D modelling and industrial photogrammetry to gain deeper insights that lead to smarter business decisions.

Our CASA certified, insured drone pilots are experienced in safely inspecting refineries and rigs for the right data.

Transmission Lines & Wind Turbines

Cyber Drone uses the latest drones, imaging techniques and data analysis methods to inspect transmission lines and wind turbines.

Drones can efficiently inspect miles upon miles of transmission lines or volumes of expensive, high elevation turbines at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.  They can expose line sags and clearances, hardware and pole issues and other maintenance needs.

Vegetation, construction and other encroachments, which may pose a danger to assets and impact line operations, will be exposed.

Civil Infrastructure

Governmental authorities at the federal, state and municipal level can use drones to gain an understanding of the status and impact of roadways, bridges, dams and rail projects.

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