Security Drone

Anti-terrorism, crowd monitoring and general security

traffic congestion and flow inspection
UAV shot of people in city
UAV photography of port storage facilities and areas

Security Drones allow security personnel to reduce and deter threats, survey larger areas in less time and respond more effectively to intruders.

Cyber Drone services are an ideal tool for upgrading any security force. Drones are able to walk a route more quickly and effectively than a person, moving over obstructions easily and being able to view rooftops. By combining tethered drones to keep consistent surveillance and deployable drones to investigate disturbances, this will maximise the potential to identify and de-escalate problems early.  The added awareness provided to security forces will help minimise risk to personnel.

Using drones assists security forces to get closer to intruders without alerting them.

Drones can be used to search blind spots and corners.

Response time is much faster. Sending a drone up to a roof on a building or to an outer perimeter can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

Hotels, resorts and casinos can utilise tethered drone technology, giving security teams unbroken surveillance during entertainment events.

We are CASA certified, insured drone pilots and will ensure a safe and successful event.

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